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nude one day, mother the next.

me]: hi poophead!
Gil]: hey cranky head
me]: im not cranky right now O:-)
me]: just hot
Gi]: turn on a fan or something
me]: dont have one. but oh well.
me]: i'll just sleep naked.
Gi]: if you sleep nakie a roach might go up your butt
me]: ewww not uh
me]: i sleep nakie all the time.
Gil]: it'll lay eggs in you then you'll have baby roaches in you
me]: lol
me]: i'll have to poop them out!
Gil]: hahahah yeah
Jeff]: well that's not the case.
Jeff]: cuz i sleep nudie all the time.
Jeff]: and no asslovin' roachies yet.
me]: lol
Gil]: how does he know he's asleep and the roachies are to tiny for him to feel anything
me]: lol ew
me]: so, if i poop the babies out, does that mean im the mom?
Gil]: yeah and once they pop out you might want try to free them from the poop then try to breastfeed them
me]: ew hahahaha
Gil]: true!!!
Gil]: believe me
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