Lily (llz) wrote in proud_to_poop,

the poop saga

i have problems with poo when i'm traveling, and this seems like the only community so actively devoted to poo (is it a fetish? =x). honestly i'm a little wary of posting here, but any help i can get is very very welcome.

ever since i was young, i always made these big, uh, logs that 90% of the time clog the toilet (i've gotten used to using a fork to break em up =x). they're like at least 7 in long and 2.5 in at the widest, sometimes 3 in. and i can't poop unless i've been on the computer, surfing the internet for awhile --- i guess being online just puts me in an optimal state of relaxation for poo (=xxxxx). and i poop 2-3 times a week. this is a bad bad problem when i'm away from home because the log is getting big and it just won't come out. last christmas, i went on a tour bus around the southwest US and i wouldn't poo for 5 days straight. once it got really bad, the tour bus stopped and i tried for 20 minutes to get it out, but all that came out was pee, and then it was 2 hours until the next stop in vegas, and my insides felt like they were splitting apart. i was bowled over in pain. then in the vegas hotel i bolted for the loo, and it finally came out and it was two of my usual poos stuck together, like 14 in long, and the older one was darker =x. and some diarrhea-like stuff came out after that (needless to say, that assburger didn't get flushed and my apologies to the custodian). so then i tried my friend's isotonix purple powder stuff which she swears by and that just made me fart a lot and poop tiny dark sticky things at bad times (but it was still better than the worst 2-hour bus ride of my life). now i'm going on a 2-week trip to china and i'm very apprehensive of that. the only things that seem to help a little are oatmeal and some exercise, but then it still has a hard time coming out. even at home when i poop normally, it's slightly dry, though it exits quickly and there's still some stuff left over. right now i'm test-driving metamucil tablets but apparently those work by adding bulk (?) and that's the last thing i need. help?
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